Construck is founded by Anton Russel, a young ambitious entrepreneur with modest beginnings. Anton has navigated the tough business climates that has encompassed the region during various downturns by constantly innovating on the core business solutions that contribute to the revenue. Today Construck stands to gain from the various ideas and experiences Anton has gained over the last 8 year’s in developing partnerships and increasing the market presence in the region.

Anton’s international business foray started with founding Anton Solutions as a majority shareholding entity investing in next generation technology through various collaborations in 2011 and is currently headquartered in Prague, The Czech Republic.
Anton has solely founded and co-founded various companies in the region and manages it’s operations as below.

Construck Systems & Technology for Building LLC
Red Shadows LLC
Noya Apparels Pvt Limited
Anton Solutions Pvt Limited

Anton Russel is also an avid traveller having covered over 80 countries in last 4 year’s and aiming to visit all 195 countries before 2021. The purpose of such visit is to understand how life is experienced on far away lands and to develop both professional and personal contacts along with satisfying his interests in anthropology.