Coastal Engineering

Construck develops Geo-synthetic systems in combination with traditional concrete systems to develop faster deployable and more versatile systems for solving various hydraulic challenges. Click here to know more then it expands to below)

Construction on Sea Bed and Ocean Floors are one of the most challenging infrastructure projects on the planet. With a higher emphasis on safety, it’s a sector than needs constant innovation. Construck develop methodologies to save our shorelines from erosion, create breakwaters, walkways, lining of canals. To know more about our hydraulic applications click here, Show the Tile of a PDF, with a picture and heading, like a report)

Beach/ShorelineProtection and preventing Erosion of the fines from the Shoreline
Dykes/SeawallsGeosynthetic Solution for Flood Mitigation
BreakwatersMulti-Component System for efficient Breakwaters construction
Deep Water Port InstallationsUnderwater Hydraulic Structures for Wave Reduction
Environmental Benefits