Environmental Benefits

50% Lower Transportation related Emissions

Construck reduces the usage of traditional bulk raw materials by nearly half

Protection against environmental pollution

Construck Uses products that don’t impact the environment on a long term

30% Lower Maintenance related emissions

Higher Durability with 3 times the regular life contributes to lesser product replacements and repairs.

Lower Production Emissions

Construck Uses Products made from Recycled products wherever applicable and also reduces the quantity of manufactured materials

A construction activity is very energy intensive.
The need of why a sustained methodology is required are due to the main harming effects the industry generates.

Construck system generates just 6% of emissions generated by conventional system during its various applications.. This translates into much lesser carbon foot print from the emissions generated at time of collection, screening, separation and laying of the traditional system.
Construck reduces the usage of precious natural resources like natural stones from rivers which when removed an induce river bed erosion, scour and other related effects. Construck also reduces the use of traditional building materials and water consumption during application which also translates in to great environmental benefits. Construck reduces the quantum of excavations during various situations and helps in reducing time and related energy costs for the same. Construck preserves and protects the natural profile of the mountain in a much higher level by reducing geometric profiling to achieve slope stability.

Construck rethought the same process and started working on a strategy.

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Construck help develop/design/use products that are very environment friendly

Construck provides longer life without the need to be dismantled in quick time with more time per structure.

Construck provides less maintenance solutions to reduce the overall energy requirement of structure throughout its life

Hence Construck work towards creating a better future and preserving our environment.

Environmental Benefits