Environmental Systems

Construck is on the forefront of designing and developing solutions that helps to protect and preserve environment. To learn more about the containment systems of Construck, click here then it expands to below)

Containment is the most suitable methodology for both prevention and reduction of environmental degradation. Any hazardous substance when coming in contact with the earth causes pollution and starts a chain reaction of effects like affecting ground water supply, contamination of natural resources, suppressing ability to support life to name a few. Such contamination occurs during voluntary waste dumping, spillway, leakages and even environmental disasters.  To learn how Construck protects the environment click here. Show the Tile of a PDF, with a picture and heading, like a report)

Solutions for Municipal WasteLandfills with 400 years life protecting ground water and producing energy

Water Containment & DamsLining Systems for Water Conservation

Oil & Gas Waste and Leachate CollectionOil Pipeline Leakage Protection, Temporary and permanent Waste Pits with Leachate Collection Pads

Mining & ExtractionContainment Solutions for Extraction Chemicals Waste and Reuse.

Nuclear & Ultra Hazardous WasteContainment Systems with effective radiation mitigation

Environmental Benefits