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Our highly effective technology improves the structural performance of any pavement.

Our Technology

Construck Systems & Technology develops and manufactures a proprietary chemical organic formula using a complex, concentrated blend of highly purified proteins that are specifically engineered to accelerate the cohesive bonding of soil particles.

Unlike inorganic or petroleum based products which temporarily hold soil materials together, our technology works by drawing soil particles closer together making it easier for air and water molecules to be expelled during the compaction process. This process results in the formation of a permanent base which resists water penetration, weathering and wear. Typically other soil stabilization technologies require additional binding agents, such as cement or lime in order to trigger a chemical reaction.
Our technology has been tested and proven successful both in the field and in laboratories. In the field our results have proven effective in providing long term results in terms of strength, durability and cost.

Our technology increases load bearing capacity by transforming previously inferior soils into usable and stable components.

Our technology alters the structure of soils permanently to form a strong and durable foundation.

 Construck Systems & Technology reduces risk and maximizes productivity and profitability.

Reducing Construction Time

Constructing roads using in-situ material requires over 75% less time than conventional methods. With our technology it is possible to stabilize 1 kilometer of road in 1 day.

Optimizing Construction Process

Construck Systems & Technology eliminates or reduces excavation, material hauling, and additional aggregates. This can reduce road pavement thickness by an average of 50%.

Environmental Benefits