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Our Services

Slope Stabilization System

Construck brings in products experts and geotechnical engineers from across the world to create the most performance oriented economical slope stabilization systems.

Geotechnical Consultancy

Our team of engineers and partners can study any given challenging geotechnical scenarios and propose a geosynthetic alternative to the same.

Value Engineering Solutions

We provide various value engineering solutions to contractors and clients in unique aspects of building construction. Solutions from suppliers across the world.

Supply Chain Services

We are a distributor of products from our systems. Certain specialized products are not produced in most countries and rely on high lead time and even trans-continental sourcing.

Our Sectors

Roads and Bridges

We provide unique solutions for constructing flexiblepavements that deliverboth reduced construction costs and long-term value. Empowering Growth With Innovative Soil

Environmental Systems

Saving Environment is not a activity. Construck is on the forefront of designing and developing solutions that helps to protect and preserve environment.

Coastal Engineering

Construck develops Geo-synthetic systems in combination with traditional concrete systems to develop faster deployable and more versatile systems for solving various hydraulic challenges.

Oil & Gas

Our Latest Innovation Building Roads With Nothing. Our highly effective technology improves the structural performance of any pavement.

About Construck Systems & Technology

Construck Systems & Technology is a multidisciplinary engineering solutions development company based in Czech Republic serving the construction industry in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, Asia Pacific and Australia/Oceania. We design and create new systems based on client requirements for the given technical challenge with alternative value engineered designs.

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