Value Engineering Solutions

Engineering Challenges always comes with a Cost. The quantum of costs depends on how we look at it in solutions. Construck adds Value create engineering solutions costing less to our clients without compromise on performance Construck is built on the idea that the solutions we look for are partly provided by the problems itself. Everything is an opportunity if we are facing the right angle. This approach helps us blent our solutions as part of the system. This way, we design systems that can utilize the favorable features of the problems itself and inhibit the undesirable effects that could have caused the same.



Cost must be reduced both on immediate term and long term expenses even with alternative solutions



Every material must function as expected and product selection is based on required technical parameters



More human hours is more cost. Hence Methodology must strike balance with time.



Be more receptive to clients to create faith in alternative systems


Concrete Improvement Systems

Concrete is one of the oldest construction elements in any forms of construction. Even with its ordinary defects, it remains one of the most irreplaceable components in this industry. But we could also add features to enhance where it lacks certain qualities. Concrete is always affected by Corrosion. This could be due to various reasons. Some of them are controllable and some are not. Construck designs special concrete mixes with advanced polymer fibers that could reduce the consumption of various natural resources and also increase life.


Waterproofing Alternatives

Moisture is always the most corrosive element in a structure. Water ingress can create various un-sanitary living conditions, unsafe working conditions or simply makes the regular life more disturbing. Another aspect is to contain water where it must be stored. Hence for various reasons, it is important to always create water tight structures both from inside and outside
Waterproofing methods can have various costs and associated life and maintenance not to mention costs. Construck has studied various systems used across the world in different climates and its life to develop various suitable alternatives.

Our offerings are for the civil structures a below

• Bridge Deck Waterproofing
• Car Parks Decks
• Water Containment Structures and Reservoirs
• Sewage Tunnels and Treatment tanks


Special Micro Pile Anchor Systems

Various times many structures are required to be held to the ground. The proven technology is to use reinforced concrete blocks that can act as counterweight to lateral forces and holds it into place. These concrete structures can be costlier, more labor intensive and simply less practical in certain scenarios. Certain times the ground conditions make it even lesser effective.

We use a specially designed system of micropiles that can achieve the same or better performance with less complicated application methods. These systems are designed for higher life with engineered products manufactured in Europe. We can provide the full designs and method statement for such elements to construct the same.

Our solutions are available for foundations of
• Gantry Cantilever Structures
• Street Lighting Poles
• Retaining Wall Footings
• Telecom/Transmission Towers
• Bridge Footings
• Pipe Rack Footings


Anti Soil Replacement System

Soil replacement is one of the most effective and regular methods to treat unsuitable soil. Anti-Soil Replacement system is an extension of Ground Improvement to treat the bearing ratio requirements albeit in more challenging environments like high ground water, higher P.I or Plasticity Index, Gypsiphorous Contents and so forth.

The traditional method involves excavation and replacement of the fill in the totally affected area. However, this method is costly, time consuming and simply not environment friendly. Hence Construck has developed methods to utilize the existing fill but create systems to allow each material to inhibit its undesirable qualities while rely on its required properties. Such systems can be a combination of various geo-synthetic products and other treatments of soil. Anti-Soil replacement system represents the human ingenuity to deal with some of the most complex ground engineering challenges.


Anti-Scour Systems

Scouring is the result of any hydraulic movement ranging from small rivers to huge waves in the sea. The scouring can be particularly catastrophic if it erodes the foundations of heavy structures and cause the collapse of the various dependent elements. Construck has various Anti-Scour systems that can reduce and, in some cases, nullify such effects. Our Anti-Scour systems are used in

• River/Wadi Erosion of Bridge Footings
• Canal & Dyke Scour Control
• Flooding Erosion at Irish Crossings
• Beach Scour Protection


Next Generation Road Construction

All traditional road projects include excavation and adding several layers of engineered fill like CABC, GBC, ABC etc. These processes are very energy intensive, time consuming and consists of requirements of various raw materials. For certain road projects temporary or permanent, such process can only increase the complexity when built in remote locations due to lack of access to amenities. Hence Construck has developed and promoting new solutions for such road construction activities where resources are limited and time is crucial

Environmental Benefits