Supply Chain Services

Construck is an authorized supplier/distributor of various specialized construction materials.

Certain specialized products are not commonly produced in most countries and hence rely on high lead time and even trans-continental sourcing. With partners and offices across countries, we have an established network of manufacturers with promoting/distribution rights to bring these products to our clients.
Availability of materials is one of the major requirements of any construction project. We understand that projects neednt always follow the availability of construction materials and hence the need to ensure of a flexible and managed delivery of the requirements.
With products sourced from across the world, timely delivery with the reduced inventory has always been a challenge due to the lead times required by the manufacturers and those desired by the clients. Hence Construck introduces smart supply chain methodology to ensure the projects can kickoff in a timely fashion while ensuring continued supply.
If you are looking for any product or specification of a product and unable to find the local delivery option, we will be interested to hearing from you.

  • Erosion Control Mats
  • Geogrids and Geocomposites
  • Geomembrances and Clayliners
  • Waterproofing Materials
  • Micropiles and Soil Nails
  • Anchor Knob Sheets
  • Wire Rope Safety Barrier
  • Insulation and Wood fiber boards
  • Prefabricated/Modular House Components
Environmental Benefits