Oil & Gas

Saving the Energy Source. From within and without.

Oil and Gas exploring along with Mining are one of the crucial environmental sensitive activities on the planet. Our solutions are designs for carrying out the support infrastructures used in the core operations like Temp Roads, Stabilization of Oil Pads and also to Environmentally sensitive activities by Waste Containment. To know more click here.(then it expands to below)

Exploration activities happen on very challenging environments from Remote desert locations where infrastructure is inadequate to Oceans where its non-existant. Hence the challenges involved makes such activities intensive and costly. Most of the costly support infrastructures thus built being abandoned as the activities are temporary limited to resource explorations. Hence it doesn’t justify the cost spend on such costly structures which remains permanent when the benefits aren’t. Construck can design and execute several temp support infrastructure which are faster and easier to construct and can be abandoned once the purpose is solved. Some systems are even reusuable in other installations. Adding more value and life to the clients’ chequebook, we bring the Exploration indystry to new age of cost efficiency.

As critical as above would be the environmental responsibility related to splillage and waste containment of such industries. Construck provided additional services by designing the containment system for hazardous material disposals. Click here to know more Show the Tile of a PDF, with a picture and heading, like a report)

Access Roads for light trafficQuickbuilding Temp Roads with Advanced Polymer Technology, Tempo Erosion Control Systems – ReUsable.
Transport Roads for Heavy Resource TransportHeavy Load Bearing Capacity Roads of Temp Life for Trucks and other Heavt Transport.
Exploration and Extraction WastageContainment systems for both Mining and Oil and Gas liquid and solid wastes
Pipelines SystemsPipe Laying Technologies with Spillway/Leakage Protection
Oil Well Pads/Heavy InfrastructureReusable Soil Stabiliation System for Heavy Structures.


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Our highly effective technology improves the structural performance of any pavement.

Our Technology

We develops and manufactures a proprietary chemical organic formula using a complex, concentrated blend of highly purified proteins that are specifically engineered to accelerate the cohesive bonding of soil particles. Unlike inorganic or petroleum based products which temporarily hold soil materials together, our technology works by drawing soil particles closer together making it easier for air and water molecules to be expelled during the compaction process. This process results in the formation of a permanent base which resists water penetration, weathering and wear. Typically other soil stabilization technologies require additional binding agents, such as cement or lime in order to trigger a chemical reaction. Our technology has been tested and proven successful both in the field and in laboratories. In the field our results have proveneffective in providing long term results in terms of strength, durability and cost.

Environmental Benefits