Coastal Infrastructure

Any Coastal Infrastructure is always under constant threat from perpetual movement of water and wind. With our wide range of product knowledge of geosynthetics, we can suggest and design the right system and its components. Geosynthetics are used in various coastal protection applications such as filters in dykes and dams, for foundations under groynes and breakwaters, as well as by using geotextile containers as structural elements in groynes, seawalls, breakers or for bed and embankment stabilisation.
Construck recommends and designs solutions that allow the implementation of new and innovative coastal protection measures. Needle-punched nonwoven geotextiles, sand mats and sand containers can be effectively employed in dykes, transverse structures, as well as breakers for erosion control. Placement of the robust and resistant geo-synthetic products can be carried out under dry conditions, as well as from ships or underwater. Our solutions and products allow new approaches to coastal protection that are close to nature.

Environmental Benefits